Becoming an Atheist

DISCLAIMER: Before I even begin I feel like adding one of these is absolutely necessary. Highlighted below are simply my personal views, based on my experiences over the last 23 years. I’m not trying to start a debate here neither am I trying to change anyone else’s beliefs, I just thought I’d highlight some of my feelings about religion. Finally, I don’t mean to offend anyone that doesn’t share the same beliefs I do so at any point, while you read this, should you feel offended by something I say, know that it wasn’t really my intention and please just discontinue reading it! I know I may be a little brash when I say some things because I’m extremely opinionated but I also would like to use this blog as a means to vent. Thank you for understanding! 

Let me start by saying I was born into a somewhat religious family. By no means were we like the Christians that go to church every Sunday or the Muslims that absolutely refuse to eat pork. But, I was raised to believe in “a higher power”. And for a majority of my life, I did (to a certain degree). I used to say a prayer every night before I went to bed. Now, when I look back on it, I realize that I used to do it more so when I lived with my parents. They used to have this habit of double checking, by asking me whether I’d prayed, every couple days and I used to hate lying to them (still do!) so I would do it just so I could say “I did, I promise!”. And mind you, my prayers were never along the lines of “I really need a new car!” or “I saw these really expensive pair of sneakers that would look sooooo great on my feet!!”. I prayed for one thing and one thing only.

Please just keep my family safe. 

I ended up traveling to a few countries for school and meeting loads of different people with, inevitably, different views on things. I guess you could say that that got the ball rolling. Also, there’s the Internet, with it’s abundance of resources. All you really need to do is take the time to do the research. It definitely got me thinking, not gonna lie. When you’re born into a family that instills these values in you at such a young and vulnerable age, it’s really really hard to let it go. I’m sure most of you with loving families feel like everything they say is, automatically, 100% right. Due to that, I wasn’t entirely convinced yet and I was still sending those prayers to someone I hoped was up there, listening to every word.

Things really changed when someone in my family suffered a heart-attack. I remember getting that call from Mum, when I was thousands of miles away fast asleep. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was absolutely terrified. She told me “I just need you to pray hard”. What could I say? Ok, I will pray. Just like I’ve been doing every single day. I was enraged. “I asked for just this one thing, God. This is the only thing I wanted from you.”. That ordeal, I think, is really what lead me to change my views. I started to do more research. Read about religion. About evolution. Lastly, I stopped praying and when I did I waited in anticipation. I waited for all these obstacles to come in my way. For these scenarios, that I’d been praying not to happen, to happen. ‘Cause God was pissed today and he was gonna show it. Days, weeks, months passed by. Things were normal. I won’t say anything bad happened. Sure bad things happened. But, good things happened too. In other words, things were just as they were before. Whether I was praying or not.

It took me a lot of time and deliberation to come to the conclusion that: we the people of Earth are merely just a circumstance of events. Something as insignificant as a prayer is incapable of changing reality. Reality gives in to no one. Bad things happen, good things happen. That is how reality works, it continues to move forward and doesn’t wait for anybody. What reality brings with it is inevitable.

A few days ago I had a really awkward conversation with someone that I’ve never met before. Suffice it to say that this whole debacle about religion started with him commenting on the fact that I may (or may not) have indulged in alcohol and marijuana. It starts off a little something like this:

“you shouldn’t be drinking or smoking weed. what the hell is wrong with you? can’t you have fun like normal people?”

First and foremost, on this planet of ours called Earth, with approximately 7,262,891,840 (as of writing this blog post) inhabiting it, how do you classify someone as being “normal”? 

I mean, seriously. What’s the protocol behind this. Based on what do you determine that someone is normal? The beauty of it is that, in their own way, each and everyone one of us are different. No two people are exactly alike. If everyone on this planet were exactly the same, can you imagine what a fucking drag that would be? It would drive me insane. I don’t think there’d be any variety at all! What if Apple were the only one that were making smartphones? What if the only gaming console you could buy was an XBox? By classifying people as “normal” you’re implying that these “normal” people act/like/think/do things the same way.

But, the world isn’t like that.

Everyone is different, no one is 100% alikeSo, what constitutes a normal person? Where the fuck are these normal people, you ask? The answer is they don’t exist. Whether you like it or not, people have their own opinions. ‘Cause some people want a fucking PS4, ok? If “normal” is simply just a one way street, thank fuck it does not exist ’cause I don’t think anyone on this planet could deal with that.

“someday god will take all of that away if you don’t start respecting him. I mean weed and alcohol wtf dude? by doing those things you’re letting your mind go in this place where you can’t realize anything around you. why would anyone want to do that ever? unless they were miserable as fuck, WHICH I THINK YOU ARE. running away from life.”  


This guy just told me that he thinks I’m miserable…. and he doesn’t even know me. Well, this might come as a genuine shock to you but newsflash, I’m doing great. I’m making progress in life and I’m living it to the absolute fullest. Does he honestly believe that a joint and some alcohol are going to absolutely ruin me? Two things become absolutely clear to me. One, this guy was without a doubt, insanely religious. And two, he was so set in his ways that he hadn’t even tried to step outside the box and, forgive me for saying this, live a little. All that aside, why would having a cold one now and then and smoking a joint be enough to disrespect God. If that’s really the case and if God knew that people drinking and smoking was going to piss him off WHY DID HE LEAVE IT HERE FOR US IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I proceeded to tell this guy that I didn’t even believe in God anyways so he should just drop this whole thing altogether. What followed was a clusterfuck of disbelief.

“oh my god. are you being serious right now??? i can’t even omg speechless. I don’t even know where to start or what to say. but you listen to this. you’ll regret what you’re doing. big time.”

Honestly, at this point in the conversation, I was so taken aback that I was absolutely convinced that this guy was trolling me. I even asked him. But the more he spoke it became evident that this guy was not kidding. He told me I’d pissed him off (wtf?) and that I was an idiot ’cause I hadn’t looked hard enough…. Trust me, bro. If I’d been looking any harder I’d have practically been conducting cavity checks on 7 billion people. He then posed this question that he thought would most certainly make me rethink my whole life:

“ok, c’mon then tell me…. how do we exist?” 

………. that’s it? I mean what kind of logic is that. We are humans beings that live on planet Earth. We haven’t been able to communicate with any other intelligent lifeforms beyond our planet, in the known universe (YET). So, we’re the only people in the universe. Therefore, this obviously means there’s this guy in the sky who waved his magic wand and from a puff of smoke we emerged. He also grants you wishes if you ask him nicely and you better not piss him off ’cause you wouldn’t like him if he was angry. 

I told him to Google the big bang theory and start from there ’cause there was no way in hell I was wasting my time explaining my views on the matter to some guy that had already shot them down without thinking twice, not to mention someone that I didn’t even know. He followed up with how he thought Google was shit and that if I believed any of that stuff I was helpless. I was absolutely done with this guy. I told him I respected his opinion but it wasn’t gonna change mine and bid him farewell.

Why are people so adamant that they refuse to accept someone who thinks differently? I mean sure, I’ve met many stubborn, opinionated atheists but these people are a minority compared to the number of religious people who try to change your mind. I’m done explaining myself to other people. Would you try to convert a vegetarian? My point is people’s experiences have resulted in them believing in what they believe in. Every human being wants to believe in what’s true, why would someone want to believe a lie? Just as much as you’re convinced about something there’s someone out there whose experiences have led him/her to think differently. Don’t find it surprising at all that people start questioning things like religion. In any aspect of life how often do you believe in something without proof? Religion is based on faith.

Faith by definition is believing in something without sufficient evidence.