The Dark Side of Instagram

For most of us the Instagram we know is dominated by selfies, people’s lunches and not to forget strategically composed bikini shots that include the lower half of a chick’s body (great view of thighs is VITAL) and the sun and sea in the background (book on her tummy is optional).

That is until you delve into the Insta-ghettos.

cannibal_q8 is an Instagram account that belongs to a local Kuwaiti. I read about him first off of 248am. He’s been posting a series of REALLY gory videos on Instagram and for some reason his account hasn’t been shut down yet. To give you an idea just how messed up this maniac really is, I read that he posted a video of himself skinning a LIVE rabbit with, get this, his TEETH.

I think it’s safe to say that I will not be watching any of his videos. Reading about them was enough to make me cringe and I’m unashamed to say that I just don’t have the cojones to actually watch them.

There’s a rumor that the authorities are on the lookout for him but honestly, the way I see it, if they really wanted to nab the a-hole it could have been done really quick ’cause he supposedly flashes his ID in one of his videos (again, I haven’t watched ANY of them, I’m going off of what others have said).

As of this morning, he’s got about 17k followers and to be honest, that’s what really hurts. I can’t imagine why these people would want to watch what this guy does. It really makes me wonder what the situation would be like years from now. Imagine the possibility of a world where morals are out the window and atrocities like this are actually considered entertainment by the majority.

I don’t believe in karma but I hope this guy gets what he deserves.



Keeping it in the family


“An hour later, one of the brothers returned to the police station bleeding from his head, as the fight renewed between the wives back home, which in turn renewed the fight between the brothers”.


Besides the situation, which on it’s own is quite hilarious, the way this article is written really adds to the humor. And I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intentional!

I think I may have exhausted all my laughs for the day.

Much lulz, guys. Much lulz.