Reviewing Elevation Burger (Kuwait)

I finally got the chance to hit up Elevation Burger last weekend.

We were at the Abu Halifa location ’cause there was no way anyone wanted to endure the traffic towards the Avenues on a Friday night. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera and so I didn’t really take any pictures but whatever, I always make everyone I’m dining with feel uncomfortable when I’m sitting there taking a gazillion pictures of our food (and not letting them dig in until I get the “perfect shot”) so I thought I’d let it slide this one time hahaha.

Our party asked for 2 Elevation burgers and one veggie burger. We decided to go with a side of fries as well. They’re cooked in olive oil so I thought that might be interesting for a change. The ambience is quite nice. It’s a minimalistic set up and it was really well kept. It’s actually 2 floors and it looked like it would be kinda cool to sit upstairs but it was my cheat day and there wasn’t any way I was climbing more stairs than absolutely necessary lol.

We placed our order and within no time we were served. Nice, that was fast as hell. I really enjoyed the beef they used in my Elevation burger, it was juicy and succulent. The buns were not working for me. They just looked unappetizing and frankly tasted like those buns you can buy at your local grocery store. The Elevation sauce, which in my opinion had the potential to really be a great signature sauce with a distinctive taste, I couldn’t even taste. I think if it had had a thicker, creamier like consistency maybe it could’ve had an identifiable taste. But, as it stands, it did not add anything to the burger in my opinion. Also, the caramelized onions I asked for in my burger were non-existent. I really dig a burger with caramelized onions and it totally upset me that there wasn’t any present in mine. Overall, the burger was definitely good, mainly because the beef itself tasted great and really stood out. Was it a great burger? In my opinion, no. I came here thinking that this would take over Smash Burgers position as one of my favorite burger joints but that didn’t happen. Smash Burger has some really nice buns they use for their burgers and the chipotle mayo they use in the Spicy Baja is the shit!

The fries were definitely the worst part of the experience. You could say they were cooked in olive oil but to say they were soaking in olive oil would definitely be more accurate. The fries weren’t that nice golden brown, more like dark, murky brown. The were terribly soggy and lacked any real crispness. Seriously, who like un-crispy fries? Many other reviews I’ve read prior to my visit share the same sentiments but despite the negative feedback I decided to try it anyways ’cause I thought I’d feel differently. Well, I don’t. We didn’t even finish them ’cause we all started to feel a little sick.

The last issue with this place was the veggie burger. The person who ordered it took a bite and immediately realized the patty was ICE COLD. I touched it to make sure and realized it was definitely just pulled out of the freezer and heated on the griddle, although not through out. To me there’s nothing worse than biting into a burger and tasting an ice cold center. I mean sure you guys freeze your patties, that’s cool but no one wants to actually bite into a cold burger. It’s like heading out to the beach in Mauritius and being greeted by snowfall, it ruins the experience. We got a server’s attention, and pointed out the issue, who then proceeded to call out another lady who promptly retook her order and brought over a re-fire 15mins later, when the rest of us were done with our meals. And while the re-fire was much better I could tell that this already spoilt my fellow diner’s appetite.

Overall, the experience was ok. Elevation Burger definitely did not live up to the expectations I had. I had heard so much about it and to be honest maybe I went in there expecting too much? However, that said, I wouldn’t mind trying another branch, perhaps in the Avenues, ’cause maybe it was just this particular branch that wasn’t up to the mark. Maybe the one in the Avenues has better fries! I’ll give it a try eventually.

But before that I definitely need to try out Shake Shack.